Eliminate unsubscribes with email frequency prefs

Offer control of frequency to preemptively set expectations, thus enhancing engagement and reducing the risk of unsubscribes. Learn how Klaviyo's email frequency features can help.

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Hello, and welcome back to another edition of eCommerce Alchemy - your one-stop destination for everything related to ecommerce growth.

Struggling to maintain subscriber engagement? You're not alone. The key is finding the right balance between communication and overload.

In this edition, I'll show you how to offer various email frequency preferences to your subscribers in Klaviyo. By giving them control over how often they hear from you, you not only preemptively set expectations but also ensure your content remains relevant, thus keeping engagement high.

Allow Subscribers to Customise Email Frequency Preferences

To start segmenting your newsletter list based on frequency preferences, enable subscribers to choose how often they receive emails from you. Here's how to add a frequency preference field to your Manage Preferences page:

  1. Start by clicking on your organisation's name located at the bottom left corner of the page.

  2. Then, select Settings.

  3. From there, choose Other.

  4. Under the Preference Page section, click on Edit Page.

Note: If you've previously created list-specific consent pages, simply navigate to the preference page editor of your main list.

  1. Next, click on Add Blocks.

  2. Integrate a Radio Button block onto the preference page.

  3. In the Label Text field, input a query like "How often would you prefer to receive emails from us?" to prompt subscribers to make a selection.

  4. Within the Profile Property field, input "Email frequency" and proceed to create this category by clicking on Create Email frequency.

Note: If you'd prefer to use a different property name, you can select it from the menu or type it into the search field to create it.

  1. Populate the Label column with frequency options such as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, which will be visible for subscribers to choose from.

  2. Assign corresponding property values to each frequency option in the Value column, which will be reflected in Klaviyo customer profiles.

  3. Lastly, click on Publish to apply the changes to your preference page.

By implementing these steps, any new signups or subscribers who choose to update their preferences will have their contact profile updated accordingly with a custom property reflecting their chosen email frequency preference.

Ask subscribers for their preferences

After you've added the email frequency preference question to your preference page, it's time to reach out to your subscribers and ask them to specify their preferences. Here's how to do it:

  1. Send an email campaign to your subscribers, inviting them to specify their email frequency preferences.

  2. Include a link to your preference page using the template tag {% manage_preferences %}. This allows subscribers to easily access and update their preferences.

  3. Optionally, customise the text of the manage preferences link using the tag {% manage_preferences 'click here' %}, replacing "click here" with your desired text.

  4. Consider adding a manage preferences link to your email footers for ongoing accessibility.

By following these steps, you encourage subscribers to actively engage in customising their email experience, fostering a more tailored and relevant communication strategy.

Create Email Frequency Segments

Once you've gathered email frequency preferences from your subscribers, it's essential to segment your audience accordingly for targeted campaign sends. Here's how to build these segments:

  1. Collect Subscriber Preferences: Once subscribers have specified their preferred email frequency, gather this information from your database.

  2. Build Segments: Using the collected data, create segments based on email frequency preferences. Segments should include subscribers who prefer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly emails respectively.

  3. Optional Preferences: If email frequency preferences are optional or not provided by some subscribers, it's crucial to establish a default sending cadence. Opt for a middle ground frequency rather than bombarding subscribers with daily emails initially.




Subscribers whose email frequency preference is not set

If some subscribers have not provided their email frequency preferences, it's crucial to address this segment to ensure they receive relevant communication. Here's how to manage subscribers whose email frequency preference is not set:

  1. Identify Subscribers: Begin by identifying subscribers who have not specified their email frequency preferences.

  2. Segmentation: Create a segment using the following conditions to target these subscribers:

  • Exclude subscribers who have chosen Daily, Weekly, or Monthly email frequency options.

  1. Tailored Campaigns for Specified Segments: For subscribers with specified preferences (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), create separate campaigns tailored to each segment.

    The content of these campaigns should vary according to the frequency preferences:

  • Weekly Newsletters: Provide a digest of any new product releases or updates from the past week.

  • Daily Updates: Highlight any ongoing sales or promotions.

  • Monthly Newsletters: Curate longer, carefully crafted content since communication with these subscribers is less frequent.

By following these steps, you ensure that all subscribers receive relevant content tailored to their preferences, thus enhancing engagement and reducing the risk of unsubscribes.

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