10 pro emails from top brands for inspiration

In this edition, we're looking at what successful brands do to grow.

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Hello, and welcome back to another edition of eCommerce Alchemy - your one-stop destination for everything related to ecommerce growth.

In this edition, we're looking at what successful brands do to grow. I'll show you how to make catchy subject lines and strong calls-to-action for more opens, clicks, and sales in your campaigns.

1. Welcome Email Template by Food52

Welcome emails are a cornerstone of email marketing, and Food52's example showcases how to do it right. This email demonstrates appreciation for new subscribers, setting a positive tone for the beginning of the customer journey.

Here's how to craft yours:

  • Introduce: Share a friendly hello and a snapshot of your brand.

  • Inform: Give a brief overview of your brand's offerings.

  • Assist: Offer guidance on what to expect next, and maybe a special offer.

Pro Tip: Utilise the pre-header to capture attention immediately, as Food52 did with the intriguing preview text "We brought snacks." This clever tactic entices recipients to open the email.

2. Nurture Email Template by Everything Just Baked 

Nurture emails serve as a crucial tool for maintaining engagement and interest among subscribers. Their purpose is to provide valuable content, educate subscribers about products, and encourage interaction to deepen the connection with the audience.

Here's how to craft yours:

  • Provide valuable content: Offer insights, tips, or resources that add value to your subscribers' lives.

  • Educate about your products: Highlight key features and benefits to help subscribers understand the value of your offerings.

  • Encourage interaction: Include clear calls-to-action to prompt subscribers to engage further with your brand.

Pro Tip: To increase engagement and response rates, consider incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, or surveys into your nurture emails. 

3. Product Announcement Email Template by Scratch

Product announcement emails are powerful tools for generating interest and driving sales for new products. They provide an opportunity to showcase your latest offerings and entice customers to make a purchase.

Here's a brief guide on crafting effective ones:

  • Build anticipation: Generate excitement by teasing unique features or benefits that set your product apart.

  • Showcase product features or benefits: Provide a glimpse into what makes your product special and how it can enhance the customer's experience.

  • Provide a clear call-to-action (CTA): Direct subscribers to take the next step, whether it's making a purchase or learning more about the product.

Pro Tip: Offer an exclusive discount or early access to incentivize immediate action and create a sense of urgency.

4. Personalised Email Template by Trustpilot

Personalised emails are essential for enhancing revenue and engagement by tailoring content to individual subscribers. 

Here's how to craft yours:

  • Dive into subscriber preferences: Let's get personal! Customise your content based on what your subscribers like, their past interactions, and what makes them tick.

  • Recommend like a pro: Imagine being offered products that perfectly match your interests and past purchases. It's like having your own personal shopper right in your inbox!

  • Serve up exclusive treats: Who doesn't love feeling special? Provide exclusive content, promotions, or recommendations tailored to your subscriber's behaviour. It's the little touches that make all the difference.

Pro Tip: Think of your personalised emails as a conversation with a friend - authentic, relevant, and tailored just for them. Use dynamic content and segmentation to make each email feel like a one-on-one chat, and watch your engagement and conversions soar!

5. Winback Email Template by Aillea

Winback emails are your secret weapon for rekindling the spark with customers who may have drifted away. 

For win-back campaigns, tap into your arsenal of popular best-sellers or new products that align with the customer's previous purchases. Take a page from Aillea's playbook, like in this example, where they spotlight products from their new collection, likely tailored to the customer's purchase history.

Winback emails should:

  • Share updates: Keep subscribers informed about new developments or products to pique their interest.

  • Offer incentives: Provide exclusive discounts or promotions to entice customers back into the fold.

  • Drive action with a clear CTA: Make it easy for customers to return by including a prominent call-to-action that directs them to make a purchase or explore your offerings further.

Pro Tip: Segment your winback email list based on customer behaviour or past purchases to personalise your offers further. 

6. Bestseller Email Template by Outdoor Voices

Bestseller emails are like your digital storefront window, showcasing your top-performing products to entice customers and drive sales. The goal is simple: sell more of your top-performing products. 

To achieve this, your bestseller emails should:

  • Showcase top-selling products: Highlight your bestsellers to grab attention and demonstrate what's popular among your customers.

  • Include customer reviews and ratings: Build trust and credibility by featuring positive reviews and ratings, helping customers make informed purchase decisions.

  • Create a sense of urgency: Prompt action by adding urgency elements like limited-time offers or stock availability to encourage immediate purchases.

Pro Tip: Regularly update your bestseller list and experiment with different incentives and urgency tactics to keep your bestseller emails fresh and compelling for your audience.

7. Bundle Email Template by Alo

Bundle emails are your ticket to boosting average order value (AOV) by enticing customers with discounted packages. Here's a quick guide to crafting effective bundle emails:

Here's how to create yours:

  • Highlight the benefits of the bundle: Showcase the value proposition of purchasing the bundle, whether it's savings, convenience, or complementary products that enhance the overall experience.

  • Show photos of all the products in the bundle: Visuals are powerful. Include high-quality images of each product included in the bundle to give customers a clear idea of what they're getting.

  • Include clear pricing/discount information: Transparency is key. Clearly display the pricing of the bundle and any discounts or savings customers will receive to make the offer irresistible.

Pro Tip: Consider offering limited-time bundle deals or exclusive bundles that are only available through email to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions.

8. Clearance Email Template by CB2

Clearance emails are a savvy way to clear out excess inventory while driving revenue. Here's how to create yours:

  • Showcase the discounted products: Put your discounted products front and centre. Highlight their features and benefits to capture the reader's attention.

  • Make it clear that they're on clearance: Use clear and eye-catching messaging to indicate that the products are on clearance. Phrases like "Last Chance" or "Limited Stock" can create a sense of urgency.

  • Include a strong CTA to encourage purchases: Drive action with a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that prompts readers to shop now. Use persuasive language and make it easy for customers to take the next step.

Pro Tip: Consider offering additional incentives, such as free shipping or a limited-time discount code, to sweeten the deal and encourage immediate purchases.

9. Refer a Friend Email Template by MeUndies

"Refer a Friend" emails are a powerful tool for expanding your customer base and boosting revenue. 

Here's how to do it:

Explain the process: Keep it simple. Outline how subscribers can refer friends and what rewards they'll receive.

Offer incentives for both: Make it worth their while. Provide incentives for both the subscriber and their friend to encourage participation.

Include a clear CTA: Don't leave them guessing. Use a straightforward call-to-action that prompts subscribers to start referring right away.

Pro Tip: Encourage ongoing referrals by reminding subscribers periodically about the referral program through follow-up emails or social media posts. Keeping the program top of mind increases the likelihood of continued engagement and referral activity.

10. National Holiday Email Template by Bark

National holiday emails are a great way to boost engagement and sales during festive times. 

  • Get festive: Deck out your email with holiday-inspired themes, colours, and imagery to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

  • Showcase the stars: Shine a spotlight on products that steal the show and make the holiday celebrations even more special.

  • Spread the cheer: Offer exclusive deals or coupons to spread the joy and make your subscribers' holidays even brighter.

Pro Tip: Keep your holiday emails personal and authentic. Share stories or traditions that resonate with your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level. This genuine touch can make your emails stand out amidst the holiday hustle and bustle.

The world of email marketing is ever-evolving. Keep exploring, experimenting, and refining your strategies to stay ahead of the curve and achieve ongoing success.

Let these examples from top brands serve as inspiration for your own email marketing endeavors.

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